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This woman is identified as Janet Joyce. I can find no mention of her on Google. This photo was taken by the Newsboy studio, which was famous for portraits of actresses and Vaudeville performers in the 1890s and early 1900s.

Her costume suggests that she may have been an acrobat. It is elaborately embroidered in what appears to me, to be a central European style.

I was attracted to this photo by the unusual framing of the subject and his cherubic smile. It was listed as an original 8 x 10 Vaudeville photo from the USA but the provenance was obscure. I am unsure what type of costume he is wearing. It suggests clown or acrobat to me but is that the hat of either?

This 8 x 10 inch vintage photograph from the USA is of a couple acting out a scene for a Vaudeville production in the late 1920s.


I just love these two lassies who appear to be dressed for a professional turn on stage. They could be sisters, just as easily unrelated. The seller had no information Read the rest of this entry »

Original press photo of Horton Spurr from the Baltimore Sun, 1928

Notes on the back of the press photo.

The same photo with dedication to Berenice.

I have tried to find a record of the old newspaper in which this photo and presumably an article appeared, without any luck, so far. ¬†I love the crop marks and the retouching that was done to highlight Horton’s features for the newspaper printing. All photos are 8 x 10 inches. More to come.