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This is the third of three Bertillon mugshots I currently own. As with the first and second, the name of this man was inked out before I acquired it. I was unable to make out any part of it.

This man’s sentence, 60 days for larceny, is the most lenient of the three. It is a shame that there isn’t more specific details about each case, to allow us to understand the large discrepancies in the punishments for what appear to be relatively similar crimes of theft.

I was attracted to this photo by the unusual framing of the subject and his cherubic smile. It was listed as an original 8 x 10 Vaudeville photo from the USA but the provenance was obscure. I am unsure what type of costume he is wearing. It suggests clown or acrobat to me but is that the hat of either?

I just love these two lassies who appear to be dressed for a professional turn on stage. They could be sisters, just as easily unrelated. The seller had no information Read the rest of this entry »

A loving couple, Horton Spurr and his wife Berenice. More of their story can be found here.

There is no information about this picture on the back, so I cannot tell you anything about it. It is Horton Spurr and he was cool. Enough said.

Berenice was the love of Horton’s life. They were Read the rest of this entry »


Horton Spurr was Douglas Fairbanks Junior’s “double” in numerous Read the rest of this entry »

Original size

From the same bargain lot of photos as the previous post. I imagine this was the product of an itinerant street photographer.

Vintage mugshot from the USA.

This is Harold who has unfortunately been separated from this incredible series of photos showing him ageing gracefully, from his teen years to late middle age.  These photos are the main part of the collection.  You can see some photobooth images of Harold and learn more about him by clicking here.