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In November 2012 I posted the above photo as a random selection from a small collection I own of mugshots from the USA. You can see the other side of the mugshot in that post.

Lisa Toboz of The Long Way Home Diaries blog very kindly pointed out how special the date is on this photo. It was taken in a leap year on the 29th of February 1956. This awareness makes it an even more wonderful part of my collection.

I was able to find some information about Alex Crumity online in the form of his obituary from October 1986. As Diarmid Mogg of A Small Town Noir (a fabulous mugshots blog), has often pointed out, the details on old mugshots do not necessarily indicate guilt or conviction for the crime listed.





Two talented young ladies show off their skills in their back garden or driveway, somewhere in Victoria, Australia.

Measuring just 50 x 70 mm, these photos are so small I needed a magnifying glass to see what was really going on in them before the scans made it clear.

I purchased them from a local antique camera dealer who, until the day I bought these, had never mentioned he sold photographs.


Apart from family items, Read the rest of this entry »

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I bought this 1920s 6 x 4 inch photograph, simply because I loved the sitters face. She barely looks to have Read the rest of this entry »

This extremely stately lady, dressed in an elaborate kimono and jacket, has a very regal air about her. Her hair is unusually plain for a Japanese portrait of this era, which gives her a certain gravitas, if not severity. The photo was taken at the H. Ando Studio in Itabashi-ku, Tokyo.

Being a lover of photographs but no expert on processes, I am only guessing when I say that this is a silver gelatin print. If one holds the photo on an angle to a light source there is a silvery metallic sheen across the image, especially in the areas of darker tone. (Having just read the Wikipedia link, I was interested to note that the silver gelatin process is the main black and white processing technique of twentieth century photography. I had always thought of it as a special fine art process having mainly seen the term on numerous photos exhibited in art galleries.)

The image measures 55 x 85 mm, while the mount is 105 x 165 mm. The cover of the item is beautifully printed but not embossed, which in my collection, at least, is atypical.

A random selection from a small collection I own of mugshots from the USA.


This 8 x 10 inch vintage photograph from the USA is of a couple acting out a scene for a Vaudeville production in the late 1920s.


Not only was my grandmother a groover with “a motor”, she was also a fine musician with a career that started in her teen years. She performed on the piano as a soloist, an accompanist and in a trio called The Strad. She was a frequent performer for the ABC at the 3LO radio studio in Melbourne from its inception in 1932 through to the 1950s. This is one of her promotional photos from the mid 1930s.

Another funny face to a pretty one. Gosh he was a sweetie, my Horton! Another 8 x 10 from the 1920s.