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A real photo postcard (around the 1930s) of a group of lads doing the fasching celebrations proud.

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These photos appear to have been cut down from larger snapshots. They are about the size of an old cigarette card.

I believe these were taken during the Edwardian era. There is nothing particularly exciting about them, but they appeal to me for the small details of fashion and life that they capture.

I am unsure where these came from, but I think it is probable they are German.

I love this postcard – more so than all the others in my collection, which, of course, I also love. My favourite costumed belle is the girl, fourth on the right, who is holding a mask. She is stunningly beautiful. I am guessing that at least one of the other ladies is her sister, most particularly, the girl holding the tambourine

Stylish, creative, unusual! A real photo postcard, taken around the early 1930s. From Germany.

A real photo postcard, taken around the late 1920s. From Germany.


A happy quartet in costume. Around 1930. From German online seller, but could be French.


Two happy girls in clown costumes. From Germany.


A photographer’s strip of identity pictures from 1930s Germany.