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A real photo postcard, taken around the late 1920s. From Germany.



This German real photo postcard is dated 1930.


I went to a Cowboys and Indians 21st birthday costume party recently. I didn’t look nearly as good as these guys! This real photo postcard is from England.


The Queen of the Night.


Probably not from a costume ball, but a lovely, seductive photo.


A lovely, glittery and frilled dress, perfect for a party but the headdress is what says everything about the type of party it was.


This is the first of a series of real photo postcards of women in costume, that I will be sharing over the coming weeks. Thanks to Linda from Darkroom Dolls and The Old Darkroom blogs for encouraging me to get these up.

I often find myself buying very distressed photos that nobody else wants. I cannot afford the prices of pristine examples of the types of photo that attract me, so I lurk around the edges of the scene, buying cheap items that for all their scuffs, tears, folds and marks, still have enough charm and interest to merit a purchase.

The fellow depicted below, is as tatty and interesting to me as the item itself. The photo was purchased here in Australia, so my hope is it originated here as well.


This is an unused, photographic souvenir postcard from the Atlantic Read the rest of this entry »

When I showed this photo to two friends neither of them was able to tell me who they were looking at, despite my saying that he was one of the twentieth century’s most famous people. I wasn’t surprised they didn’t recognise him, as without his props and make-up he looks very different to the way the world knows him.

Do you know who this is? Have a good look at him before scrolling down to see the information that is written on the back of this 1920s press photo.


Did you guess correctly?

Here are some images related to the film which I swiped from IMDB.

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