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I’m posting this photo today as it reminded me of an image on the fabulous vintage photo blog The Rescued Photo. Before pulling this RPPC out, I hoped the organ player and this piano player might have been the same person. Alas no, as the organ player is Ida Taylor and this is Rose J. Page.



A real photo postcard (around the 1930s) of a group of lads doing the fasching celebrations proud.


This young woman seems well prepared to entertain. With a false beard and top hat as part of her “disguise” and an accordion for musical accompaniment, I am not sure if she is a comedian, magician or perhaps a singer? Maybe she has just dressed up for the fun of it. If anyone can tell me what the round, white object at her breast might be, I’d love to know!

This is a European real photo postcard which dates to the 1930s or 40s.

I love this postcard – more so than all the others in my collection, which, of course, I also love. My favourite costumed belle is the girl, fourth on the right, who is holding a mask. She is stunningly beautiful. I am guessing that at least one of the other ladies is her sister, most particularly, the girl holding the tambourine

Stylish, creative, unusual! A real photo postcard, taken around the early 1930s. From Germany.

A real photo postcard, taken around the late 1920s. From Germany.


A happy quartet in costume. Around 1930. From German online seller, but could be French.



This German real photo postcard is dated 1930.


I went to a Cowboys and Indians 21st birthday costume party recently. I didn’t look nearly as good as these guys! This real photo postcard is from England.


The Queen of the Night.