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These photos appear to have been cut down from larger snapshots. They are about the size of an old cigarette card.

I believe these were taken during the Edwardian era. There is nothing particularly exciting about them, but they appeal to me for the small details of fashion and life that they capture.

I am unsure where these came from, but I think it is probable they are German.




I bought these three snapshots from a dealer at a local antiques centre last year. It is quite rare to find old, local photographs at this type of large centre, let alone ones so quirky and interesting.

On the back of each snapshot is written Lady Malbourne.


photobooth 2

On the back in pencil  – Eleanor H.

The stamp from the photo developer says – Webco Print, Nov 19 1930, Made in San Jose.

Taking into account the time it took to finish the film and for the processing of the photos, I’d say this image was taken on or around the 31st of October.

I paid US$9.95 for this photo. The second one which was listed from the same series went for over US$100.




Two talented young ladies show off their skills in their back garden or driveway, somewhere in Victoria, Australia.

Measuring just 50 x 70 mm, these photos are so small I needed a magnifying glass to see what was really going on in them before the scans made it clear.

I purchased them from a local antique camera dealer who, until the day I bought these, had never mentioned he sold photographs.