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photobooth 6

While not identified as a Halloween photo, this image seems appropriate for the celebration. Hope yours is a fun one.


photobooth 5

A German cabinet card. It was probably taken in the early years of the twentieth century.

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This woman is identified as Janet Joyce. I can find no mention of her on Google. This photo was taken by the Newsboy studio, which was famous for portraits of actresses and Vaudeville performers in the 1890s and early 1900s.

Her costume suggests that she may have been an acrobat. It is elaborately embroidered in what appears to me, to be a central European style.

photobooth 2

I adore this cabinet card from France. It was probably taken in the early years of the twentieth century.


Two happy girls in clown costumes. From Germany.


This cabinet card was taken in the regional, New South Wales town of Bathurst in September 1897. One of the girls pictured is A.B. and the other J. Wilson. I love the way the card tells us that the photographer’s studio is located near a local butchery. Was that the only notable landmark worth mentioning?

The clothing is not typical of the era or region, so I will say that these two are dressed in peasant costume for the photograph. One girl is holding a skipping rope and the other a hoop and stick.

mugshotsSmithandWIllson02 mugshotsSmithandWIllson01

These two cabinet cards were made in a travelling photo studio similar to the one illustrated below, which was used by Hutchings and Crum photography. I have not been able to discover anything about Smith and Willson but I imagine they had a very similar set-up.

I do love the idea of this type of early itinerant photographer going from town to town fully equipped to capture details of the lives of isolated people, who would have had very little opportunity to have their image captured in any other way.

There is an interesting lack of information about this type of photography studio online, yet I cannot imagine it was particularly rare.


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This photo from Japan was shot around 1910. I was unable to find any information about the photographer, J. Chikuni.

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