How cool and bizarre is this Victorian era photo? I bought it in Australia, so I will presume it was taken here. However, with no identifying details written or printed on it, or knowledge of its provenance, that is nothing more than a wild surmise at best.

Leg and arm stocks, a strange and somewhat macabre photographer’s prop, fits with our convict history. But, given that until recently, we were extremely uncomfortable with the way our country made its start, it seems a strange thing for anyone to choose to be associated with, especially in the Victorian era.

While the log and pine cones have obviously been carefully placed in the frame by the photographer, suggesting the picture was taken in a studio, the grass looks real.  So could this possibly be an outdoor setting with a canvas backdrop brought in for the shoot? And the book? What can we make of the pose in general? Beats me! Help me Matt from Pics of Then, you have a better eye for this than I do.

The photo is on heavy weight photographic stock and measures 152 x 199 mm. I treasure it!