Enamorada – In Love

Novia – Girlfriend (Engaged).

Casada – Married.

Divorciada – Divorced.

I find the sentiments expressed in this series of postcards extremely amusing. They surprise me given the stigma of divorce in times past,  but that makes them more delightfully quirky.

Despite being reasonably proficient at reading Spanish, I am hopeless at reading hand writing, so apart from knowing that these were sent to someone’s aunty, on the first of January 1906, on a happy day (presumably due to it being the New Year), I am in the dark as to the meaning of the inscriptions.

Each postcard is hand coloured with Uruguayan postage stamps affixed to either the front or back. They are addressed to Blondina Carvallo in the city of Salto, Uruguay.

Given the numerous languages printed on the back of each card to explain that they are correspondence cards, I will presume that they were designed and printed in Europe.