This extremely stately lady, dressed in an elaborate kimono and jacket, has a very regal air about her. Her hair is unusually plain for a Japanese portrait of this era, which gives her a certain gravitas, if not severity. The photo was taken at the H. Ando Studio in Itabashi-ku, Tokyo.

Being a lover of photographs but no expert on processes, I am only guessing when I say that this is a silver gelatin print. If one holds the photo on an angle to a light source there is a silvery metallic sheen across the image, especially in the areas of darker tone. (Having just read the Wikipedia link, I was interested to note that the silver gelatin process is the main black and white processing technique of twentieth century photography. I had always thought of it as a special fine art process having mainly seen the term on numerous photos exhibited in art galleries.)

The image measures 55 x 85 mm, while the mount is 105 x 165 mm. The cover of the item is beautifully printed but not embossed, which in my collection, at least, is atypical.