Once you have worked out what this is, you may think that the fact I own something so bizarre and horrible reflects badly on my personality. I think I’d have to agree. I bought this around the same time as I was looking for FBI wanted photos. I couldn’t believe a souvenir such as this could have been made and sold at anytime in history, let alone in the early Edwardian era. Who would’ve bought such a thing? Someone like me, it seems.

This is the size of a standard cabinet card. I wonder if the damage at the top left of the image is deliberate? It could have been the result of a mishap with some sticky tape in an attempt to repair part of the water damage that has marred the rest of the card.

There were different versions of this card made at the O.P. Annex. The part of the photo that is missing in my example, is an image of the electric chair used for the executions. The sketch of the chair which is partially effaced, above, is not seen in the other examples.