Two 8 x 10 photos from the Hollywood Studio of Melbourne Spurr. Melbourne arrived in California around 1917 and worked for the Fred Hartsook photographic studio, taking portraits of the early stars. He photographed Mary Pickford while working at the Hartsook studio. She personally helped launch his career as a Hollywood portrait photographer. It was a short lived success as the movie studios began to insist on their stars being photographed exclusively by their in-house photographers.

Spurr was almost completely deaf. It is said that when he arrived in Hollywood he intended to be in films, but directors found it too difficult to work with a deaf actor. I am currently trying to find out if Melbourne was related to Horton Spurr. The photos of the anonymous actress/friend/client came from the same source as my pictures of Berenice and Horton.

The information for this post was taken from a mini biography on IMDb by Scott Jacob.