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Grandpa (Cecil Parkes) with his father Albert


This is a recent find from the bottom of an old box of my grandmother’s things. This tiny tintype photo is the only extant picture that shows my grandfather and great grandfather when on a tour from Australia to the USA. Grandpa was a child prodigy in the violin and toured the vaudeville circuit in 1917 with his dad as chaperone. He performed with many noted people including Lillie Langtry. His mum and two brothers had to stay at home in Williamstown, in Melbourne for the duration of their fifteen month trip. We are currently trying to work out where this was taken.


Transcript of the message –

Milton and Kingsley, just look at this photo and see if it is just like the papa you saw in Electra Street over 8 months ago.  Wouldn’t you have liked to have been on this big boat with us. I know Mama (crossed out word?) …. would.

God bless you all

(Papa) possibly a date

Milton and Kingsley are my Great Uncles and Electra Street is where the Parkes family lived in Williamstown, Melbourne.